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The Benefits of Leasing

Leasing provides advantages over other forms of financing and is one of the most common means for companies to acquire the equipment that they need. Over 80% of all companies lease at least one piece of equipment and in 2006 over 250 billion of equipment acquisitions were lease financed.

It's easy

With Pinnacle Funding's one page application, no financial statements are necessary in most cases when the lease request is less than $150,000. This accelerates approval times and it is designed to get you the equipment you need as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.

Avoid bank restrictions

By leasing, you avoid blanket liens, restrictive covenants, rate escalator clauses, call provisions, compensating balance requirements, universal default rate increases or any other surprises that might occur with traditional lending

Protect your existing lines of credit

Banks are great for short term needs, and lines of credit can be extremely valuable in today's fast changing business environment for changing business needs or emergencies. By leasing, you don't reduce those open lines to finance equipment.

Variable Payments

We can match the term of the lease to the annual business cycle, so the payments can be higher during the busy season and lower during those slow times. We can also structure the lease with no or low payments for up to six months, so you can start making money with the equipment today and pay for it with tomorrows dollars.

100% financing

To make your equipment easy to obtain and as cost effective as possible, our leases can cover everything you need. We can wrap software, installation, related leasehold improvements, training, and even some supply items all into one lease. This reduces your initial costs, and lets you earn profits faster with your new equipment.

Potential tax benefits

There are also some great potential tax benefits with leasing where you may be able to write off the monthly payment as a business expense. Remember everyone tax situation is different so you must consult you accountant to see how leasing may help your bottom line.













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