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The Leasing Process

Through use of the latest technology and an experienced funding team our system makes obtaining the financing needed as simple as possible.

  1. It all starts with the application and you can apply here online, by fax or over the phone

  2. We do a quick credit review and most approvals can be obtained within four to eight business hours

  3. Upon approval of your application, we send documents to you (the lessee) and you sign and return them along with your drivers license for signature verification and any required deposit check, which is usually one or two payments

  4. We fax the purchase order to the dealer upon receipt of all the signed lease documents

  5. The dealer sends an original invoice to Pinnacle Funding and ships the equipment to you

  6. We call you the verify that the equipment has arrived and it is in good working condition and get your permission to release the payment to the dealer

  7. We release the check to the dealer via FedEx or prearranged wire transfer

  8. Your lease payments generally begin about a month after the delivery of the equipment
















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